Live Sales

Livestock sales at Claxton Manor

We run a closed herd of pedigree Hereford Cattle, and go to great lengths to ensure our cattle are disease free and healthy.


Hereford cattle are ideally suited to our extensive grassland grazing system, and throughout their lives feed on nothing but our fresh grasses and high-quality silage. Our cattle spend their entire lives on Claxton Manor Estate and our high welfare standards result in contented and productive animals.


Please contact us for more information

Forage Sales

Silage and haylage

All of our silage and haylage is free of chemicals and artificial fertilisers, and we undertake frequent feed-value analyses on it. We often have surplus feed for sale. Please get in touch for more information.


We produce wheat, oat and barley straw for feed or bedding. Please get in touch for more information.