The Claxton Hereford Herd

Pedigree Herefords

The traditional and natural choice for top-quality beef

When choosing a cattle breed for Claxton Estate, we needed something quite special. It needed to be efficient, adaptable, docile, traditionally British, and delicious. The Hereford filled all of these criteria.

Not only are they one of the oldest breeds of cattle, Herefords are renown for producing amongst the very best in quality beef. In particular, the high-degree of 'marbling' found in Hereford beef regularly ranks it amongst the highest scoring of any cattle breed in taste tests.

The breed originated in Herefordshire in the mid 1700's, and quickly became one of the most sought after and successful cattle breeds in the world. Its incredible adaptability allows it to flourish in habitats from hot Australian grasslands to the freezing steppes of Russia. This adaptability has led to there being more than 50 million Herefords found across all continents except Antarctica!

Beef the Life Cycle of Our Meat

We Rear the Herefords from birth and look after them until they reach the table

Our cattle are born here and never leave the estate until they are sold.

All of our cattle eat only what they can forage for themselves on our marshes during the summer months, and are then housed in our state of-the-art cattle buildings where they are fed only on harvested grasses direct from the marshes. This diet of chemical-free marsh grasses gives their meat a unique and delicious flavour.

Our Herefords typically calve in the Spring whilst still in their Winter housing. They are turned-out onto our Marshes to graze in April, and they remain on this natural and extensive grazing habitat until they are brought into their winter quarters again in the Autumn. All of their Winter feed is provided by harvesting our marsh grasses. We operate a herd health plan in close cooperation with our vets to maintain the very highest in cattle health.


Animal care

Good care gives good produce

We take huge pride in our pedigree Hereford cattle, and we regularly take our animals to livestock shows. The Claxton Herd consists of around 250 animals, which are raised and cared for under the best conditions.

All our cattle are raised and finished on grass. This means our herd spends the majority of their year on our marshes and grassland. Only when the weather turns sour are they brought into our state-of-the-art cattle sheds, where they are fed silage also harvested from the estate. Not only is this lifestyle good for the cattle, but it also forms an integral part of our grassland management schemes. In addition, the habitat enrichment practices which improve the quality of our grassland feed back (literally!) into the quality of our beef.

Grass-fed and finished animals produce a distinctive flavour compared to those fed grain. In addition, they contain more vitamins such as B, K and E, and are also higher in omega-3 fatty acids. In essence, eating Claxton beef is good for your brain as well as the environment!